Monday, 15 August 2011

Music Mondays - This = Love by The Script

Since I am back in the UK, there is nothing better to start the week than celebrating European Music.

The Script, an Irish band from Dublin, is currently one of my favourites. I have just bought their latest album and I love this song. The lyrics have a powerful message and the harmony is fab. You might recognize them from TV shows like The Hills, The Vampire Diaries and others as quite a few of their songs have been featured. Go Ireland!

Enjoy and have a fantastic Monday!


  1. The Script is my favorite band too ! and always will be! I absolutely LOVE their music and they are the greatest band. My favorite songs by them are For The First Time and The Man Who Can't Be Move. LOVE THEM! and yeah Go Ireland!!

  2. You do realise that the Script are from Dublin which is part of the Republic of Ireland which is not part of Britain or the UK don't you? Therefore they are not British!!

  3. Oh crap! Now you know how bad my geography is! Thanks for that, will correct asap.


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