Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Welcome back!

As you have noticed... I'm back! You can imagine me walking through the flames and saying this Terminator style.

After much silence, I am happy to report I am finally back on the saddle. New design, new pages, new beginnings.

Unfortunately, life took over and with work, university work and family, things got a little out of control. But I am happy to be back and I have missed it. If anything, this came to show me just how tough blogging (writing something everyday, coming up with something interesting to say everyday and making the time to sit and dedicate yourself to it) can be, 3 years down the line. I take my hat off to the black-belt bloggers who post daily and have done so for years. That's shear determination right there.
Ok... So what is new? You might ask. Obviously, we have a new look. "Does our bum look good in it?" ;) I hope you like it as much as I do. Favourite features have remained, crappy ones have been taken out. Hopefully, these should make it easier to navigate through the blog. *Fingers crossed.* But I guess the biggest changes are... 

1. We have a button!!! And you can crab it!!! Just scroll down the page to find it waiting for you on the left side column. 

2. The page tabs under the blog title have been rejigged to make it easier to find the info you want. The biggest change of all being that Music Monday now has its own feature. I realised that I had come across artists from all over the world and that I should start listing them in case you guys wanted to see where they are from or if you ever needed to find a track I featured and couldn't quite remember its name or the name of the artist. So under Other Cool Articles you can find Music Mondays by artists, song title, genre and the artist's country of origin.

3. We now have a YouTube Channel!!! And all the videos I have featured should be there for you. If you can't find anything, just drop me a note and I will make sure it's there for you.

And, of course, all the favourite features will be returning. Having a second life. I hope to see some of the regular faces returning and some new ones as well. Thank you all for bearing with me and still following and popping in to visit, even though I haven't posted any new material for absolute ages.

This should be exciting!!!:) 

Have a fab rest of week!!

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