Friday, 28 March 2014

Books in Fashion ~ Bookish Nail Art

This is one for the girls. Love your books? Want to make a bookish statement while looking pretty, cool, and ever so slightly geekish (bonus!)? Then check this newspaper/book print nail art out!

This is so simple anyone can do it. And you don't have to use rubbing alcohol if you don't want to or prefer not to, you can also use water. The print won't be as strong, but it will work nonetheless. 

Picture by Cutepolish

You will need:
  • base coat nail polish
  • a coloured nail polish of your choice: white for book pages, shades of cream for a vintage book look or a tone of pale grey if you want it to look like a newspaper. But you don't have to stop here. If you want something really different, choose your favourite colour and do the print on top of it. Just bear in mind that the darker the colour, the less the print will show.
  • a small container - I use an egg cup or a tea cup saucer
  • small cuttings from a newspaper, one for each nail (here is where you can get really geeky and even choose what is in the writing!)
  • water or rubbing alcohol
  • cotton buds
  • nail polish remover
  • top coat nail polish
And here is a couple of ways to do it. The first one covers the whole nail, the second uses a french manicure design. Enjoy and let us know if you try it! :)

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  1. Nice, your nail design ideas are very interesting to try, thanks


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