Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It's Mother's Day next Sunday here in the UK and, if you're like me, you will be panicking about it around... Now. Fear not. Here are a few solutions to the "what to give my mum" dilemma. :)

Mother's Day Jigsaw ~ Simple, sweet and interactive. Your mum will have to put it together before she can read the message. It could even become a family activity and at £4, it's a bargain! This little cutie is available from one of my favourite shops - Raffia in Clitheroe. Your best bet will be to pop into the shop or call/email them and see if you can order it.


No Mother's Day would be complete without flowers. For a book-loving mum... Why not a Literary Paper Rose from Bookish England? Each rose is individually handmade from old already broken romance books. Choose in between Gone with the Wind and Pride and Prejudice for a single rose at £12, a bookish bouquet of six at £54 or a bouquet of 12 at £90. And don't worry, no good book is ruined by them, 'they never cup up non-broken books'!

 But if flowers are not enough to tell your mum how much you love her... The Little Mum Kit from Lucy's World might be a good option. This little box comes with a poem and little keepsakes to remind your mum of what she means to you. I almost cry every time I read the little poem. Melting butter, I am. :) And it will only cost you £12!!

Moving on before I cry the Thames... Chocolate!!! We could not make a Mother's Day list without the food the Aztecs believed came from the God of Wisdom. How fitting! Even more fitting is not to give you mum a common type of chocolate on her special day, but gourmet chocolate. Then you must try Montezuma's Great British Chocolate Library which was 'loosely' based on five English classic dessert: Apple Crumble, Eton Mess, Spotted Dick, Summer Pudding and Lemon Meringue. Sounds and tastes expensive, but it's yours for £14.99 and you can buy it in many places including some major department stores, but you can buy it online at Firebox

For the technology geek mum... Classic Book Covers for e-readers and mini iPads from Klevercase. Another way to celebrate modernity and technology without disconnecting with the past and present of Literature, these cases are handcrafted to order using traditional book biding techniques, because book lovers can be gadget lovers too. :) And it's yours for £34.95.

Now, if your mum is a book and an art lover... Then the Folded Book Decorations from The Folded Page will have her saying wow! And everyone that comes to visit her after, as a matter of fact. They are not only beautiful, but they also recycle old books. The integrity of them is kept intact so you could, in theory, always unfold the pages and read the book, but I doubt you would want to do that. Prices will vary according to the design and rather or not they are personalized or off-the-shelf (if I dare call them that), but a book art sculpture with the word "Love"costs £50 while a folded heart costs £31.50. 

So there you have it - six bookish ideas for book-loving mums. If you are a mum and you don't pop back in before Mother's Day - have an amazing day and I hope you get spoiled rotten!  


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