Monday, 24 March 2014

Music Monday ~ Wrong or Right by Kwabs

For the first come-back Music Monday I could not resist the sound of London based Ghanaian artist Kwabs.

I love his voice, how it's smooth and yet it has depth. I won't try to talk about his genre of music, vocals etc... Because I don't have such expertise, I just love his sound. Having said that, Zo at First Look Friday has done a great job describing his ability. If you like Wrong or Right you should definitely visit Kwabs channel on YouTube and listen to his other tracks. They're all amazing, especially Pray for Love.

Happy Monday everyone!!!


by Kwabs

I don't wanna be a leader
I don't wanna let you down

I don't even need to see ya
Turn your life around

Are you running away 
'Cause someone told you 'never'
That you always gonna thread the wrong road
Are you running away
Could my love do you better
'Cause there's something that I need to let you know

If you looking for a place to hide
It's alright, 
I will always try and look the other way
And if you ever caught between the lines
Wrong or right
We are one and I will always keep you safe

Back into the habit
See it in your eyes

Gone through all the motions
Hardly recognise

That you're running away
You can't escape forever
From the memories you tried to live behind
Could've found a way
We could've been in it together
So I'm reaching out and here is the reason why


Have you never known what love is
Oh no
If you ever, ever got out

Ever, never, ever, oh (repeats)

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