Saturday, 26 January 2013

Happy Australia Day!!

Since today is Australia Day, I couldn't help but give a shout out to one of my favourite authors - Rebecca Lim.

Rebecca was a lawyer who quit the rat race to pursue writing; taking the gamble in between a profitable career and a dream. For that alone she's my idol. Brave woman. And to add to the excitement and the hype, she'll soon be published in Brazil as well.

I'm currently reading the last book on her Mercy series, Fury. Feeling like she'll have me in tears at the end of this one, but hey-ho... I need to know what will happen. *Bites nails* You can read my review of the first book - Mercy - on Goodreads by clicking here, the second book - Exile - here, and the third - Muse - over here. And if you want to get to know Rebecca better, check out my interview with her by clicking here

If you're an Ozzie reader or live Down Under, Happy Australia Day!!! For the rest of the world, have a wonderful weekend!

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