Thursday, 24 January 2013

Bookish Homes - A Book Lover's Interior Design Story {2}

Sometimes just having a shelf full of books isn't enough. As a book lover, you might feel the urge to spread your love all over the house. Well... In that case, this is for you! 

It's not that having shelves full of our favourite reads isn't good enough. And if you are after shelving ideas, we have those too. Just click here. It's just that we breathe and eat books and we want them all around us. ^_^

If you want them on your walls, you'll be pleased to know that Penguin has themed up with Osborne & Little to create a wallpaper covered with Penguin's classic covers, including the first book ever published by Penguin - Ariel by Andre Maurois. You can find out more about it here.

If a multicoloured book effect is a step too far for you, then you might like the more neutral options at It comes in white, grey and sepia. 

Don't like wallpaper, but want something for the walls? Then check these out by! These lithographic master pieces are a whole book on a poster. Yes, you read that right. The whole book, the whole story, on a poster forming a picture. How cool is that?!?! I want one. My favourites are Around the World in 80 Days and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. But it doesn't stop there. They have a whole collection full of classics, so check them out.

On the other hand, if you want to add something quirky to your existing shelves... Why not try these fab recycled retro vinyl bookends by Ellieellie? If you love music as much as you love books, they are perfect! They would make a good gift for a guy who is just into his music. Music is a type of writing after all.

Want something more substantial or are you a fan of DIY? If you can add crafty to your list of skills, you might want to try to revamp a plain piece of furniture, like a chest of drawers for example. You can buy the plain oak one from a place like IKEA and with some painting and neat book pages collage work you could end up with something like this! Now, that'll only work if you are crafty. I have to admit that if you were to give me a pot of paint and set me loose on some unsuspecting poor piece of furniture, you would never be able to open the drawers again. So recruit a crafty friend to help you if you sympathize with my pain.

There are many other ways to spread your book love around your house and your life. Check Books in Fashion or Gift Ideas for more food for thought. ^_^


  1. Good idea! Because of what you have here, I suddenly think that I could make use of our old patio furniture as a living room decoration as well. I mean look at this one it's like a library-inspired living room. I'll make sure to do some re-designing in our home in Indianapolis, IN.

  2. Brilliant approach for a person who loves books and would love to keep them at home.

  3. Love some of these ideas - thanks for bringing them to our attention Paula!

  4. This was my problem before, my room was full of books and there’s no enough space for the new ones. Good thing, I gained some new ideas in here, I will definitely apply this new idea in our house!

  5. Actually, I am planning to redesign my mini library at home, plus I’m thinking of putting up also bookshelves in my room. I think that would be a good idea, since I love to read books before I go to sleep, that became my hobby nowadays, with my ear plugs in and book with me, I know I can get a good sleep after.

  6. A book-inspired house interior, huh? Now that sounds like a plan. Maybe I should do that to my bedroom.

  7. Interior designing can be really fun especially when its your first time doing it. It can be a trial and error process at times but when you get the hang of it it will come naturally.

  8. I think think all are best bedroom design ideas.but if i have to choose then it will be 2nd one.......

  9. Great! I love the grand sized furnished rooms and their decor!

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