Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bookshop of the Month ~ Nomad Books

I'm all for indie bookshops, but Nomad Books takes it up a notch. This is the indie that feels like a big store.

Let me put it this way: I would love to work there. No, I would love to live there. Or to live nearby. If you live in Fulham, London, and haven't popped in... Shame on you! You don't know what you're missing.

This little indie, if I can be as bold as to call it "little", not only is full of style and charisma, but it also offers an array of events and book clubs; a team of staff that are not only very helpful, but also passionate about what they do; a children's corner full of space and comfort; and a fab selection of books - especially travel books. Not to mention all the knick-knack paper lovers like myself just adore accumulating in every available corner of their house... notepads, cards, bookmarks... You name it.

I walked into this bookshop on the 2nd of January at 10am (yes, I'm a keeno. I know. It's very sad), but to my surprise, rather than being empty of any living souls - bearing in mind it was the day after New Year when Christmas impoverished and hangover souls go back to their rat races - the place was actually full of life. Quiet life, mind you. Bookworms are a passionate, but quiet bunch. There were people perching on the comfy sofas, scanning books by the shelves, children running around and reading in the kids section, coffee drinkers sipping their poison away while reading. Ah yes! Of course they have a coffee shop. And cakes!!! What else do you need? Books, coffee and cake. I could die happy! Continuing... So at 10am in the morning the place didn't quite feel like a bookshop, but more of a community hub for bookworms and anyone wanting a quiet space to let their minds visit other worlds.

Here is where I must commend Harriet, the owner and founder, for having done such an amazing job. This bookshop is indie and proud of it. And it should be! I only wish more of the indies were like this one because I'll tell you now, this store is not losing for any of the bigger retailers. It has life, style, a heart and a soul.

So if you're in London, pop down to Fulham. Say hi to the team. Ask them to find you a gem you wouldn't read otherwise. Drink some coffee (or tea), eat some yummy cake and watch life go by for a moment or two. I promise you that if you visit once you'll keep coming back.

On another note, be cheeky and ask them for a business card. You will walk away with a cute bookmark to remind you of where you have been.

Ambient: *****
Food: Yes
Stock: *****
Children: Yes
For more information about the rating system click here.

Nomad Books
781 Fulham Road, 
London SW6 5HA
Tel: 0207 736 4000

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