Monday, 21 November 2011

Music Mondays - Earthquake by Labrinth ft. Tinie Tempah

Labrinth is a producer and singer-songwriter from London. Although he has been working and producing for other artists since 2008, Earthquake is his second single as a solo artist. This track also features Tinie Tempah, another British rapper that has done well recently.

I love this song and you can guarantee I will be shaking my bones to it if I'm out and about. I love the mixture of beats and speeds. Simply sexy.

But what do you think? Did it shake away your Monday blues? Comment and make a blogger happy. ^_^



by Labrinth feat. Tinie Tempah

Labrinth come in (2x)

Ladies and gentlemen

This is something they call 
A ground breaker

So let me first apologise
To shirts and the ties
For your make up

Cause I'll make you ugly
As soon as it drops
We're on a rampage
Bottles popping off
Before you know it
There's rubble and dust
Cause we be crashing it up
Somebody say... (you better run)


I predict an earthquake u
p in here

Say yeah

I predict an earthquake u
p in here

Cause we throw bombs on it

Throw bombs on it
Just smash something
Yeah mosh for me


We can make an earthquake up in here
So here we go we go

Ladies and gentlemen 

What you're about to witness
Is no illusion

And now we got the bass banging
From here to Buckingham palace
They're all moving

Hey Simon
We're f**king them up
Turning them psycho
Everybody rock
We bring the house down 
To rubble dust 
Cause we be crashing it up

Somebody say... (you better run)


Hey, yo Labrinth

This one's feeling like a straight ten on the Richter scale, ya know


Fire fire! 
We about to set this place on fire

With out a match or lighter
Don't do girlfriends
One nighters make them (Ahh) C Minor
If I want Christian
Or Kurt Geiger I just phone up the designer
Doing all nighters no days off 
Grey hairs and a little bit of weight loss
I predict (riots)
I predict (chaos)
I predict (people)
I predict (AAHHH)
Disturbing London got the whole city panicking
I'll be Nostradamus this my L-L-L-L-Labrinth


Labrinth come in

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