Friday, 25 November 2011

Bookish Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching (terror) and, if you are anything like me, you haven't even started shopping yet. *_* This is when gift ideas for peculiar creatures like us book lovers start wearing thin. Well... Maybe this will shed some light.

~Under £15~

A fan of the classics? Then you will love Penguin's gift and accessories collection. The biggest concentrated stock of them is over a Bloomsbury. However, I could only find my favourite - the notebook with various book spines on the cover, over at Amazon.

And talking about the classics... Have you seen Penguin's Clothbound Classic collection? I just love the covers! The kind of books you just have to put on display because they look good enough to eat. They are all so pretty; it is hard to pick a favourite.

You know when you have a book that is slightly thinner than the others and keeps on being pushed to the back of your shelf by the larger ones? Or those magazines that become a little hard to get out of the shelf without pulling more than one? Fret no more. Check these cute little P-Hooks. They not only make it easier to keep track of your smaller books and taking them out of the shelf when you need them, but they also double as book markers! Simple and straight forward. Beautiful. 

The only problem is that I could only find them in the U.S. and, unless you ship in bulk, the shipping charges to the UK are higher than buying a box! If you know a British retailer selling P-Hooks, please comment below and spread the love. 

~Under £30~

Next on the list, of course, is a Bagabook! If you carry paper books around with you, this is the best way to keep the covers in good shape and not have to keep on opening or closing your handbag in busy places like the train or Tube. Do you just want to pop down to your favourite coffee shop for a treat and a read? No problem. Use the extra pockets to carry everything you need. A must for any book lover.

Bagabook has also launched a new collection and because I am greedy, even though I already have one, my eyes have now grown rather large over this fab Union Jack print sample. Even if your style demands polka dots, flowers, block colours or nude tones, there is a Bagabook to suit you. And you know what the best thing is? As one of my readers you can receive 25% off your order! This discount is only available until the end of the year, so don't miss out!

~Under £50~

What would Christmas be without some sparkles? A Likely Story has the quirkiest and cutest jewellery for bookish people. But if you want something a touch more understated, just check this charming necklace by JanDa with mini books for pendant. So cute! I need one!!! Again, these are from the U.S. so just bear in mind Import Taxes - nything above £40 (including shipping) must pay VAT and would take longer to clear Customs. 

~Spoiled Rotten~

Right at the top of my list (husband - hint!) is the famous Amazon Kindle. Now, you know I'm a very strong advocate for paper books. However, I have received a large amount of eBooks to read recently and reading them out of my laptop is not fun. At all. :-?

Kindles are fantastic for people that are always on the move. Because it's light weight and its battery lasts for ages, it's really easy to carry about. Not to mention the thousands of books you can have in its library. If you are in America, you can also enjoy the tablet version with full colour screen - Kindle Fire. Dear Santa (the one I am married to), please, please give me one for Christmas *asks with big puppy eyes*.

A cool dude that merges old with new? What about this amazing Mac cases? So clever! However, if you are worried you might look like a librarian out of place check this more understated version with the typewriter print

And as I mention the Penguin Clothbound Classics collection, if you feeling generous, why not give a box set? Check this one: Major Works of Charles Dickens Box Set: Great Expectations, Hard Times, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Bleak House and A Tale of Two Cities. All hardbacks. Who said your book shelves can't be stylish?

Like any of these gift ideas? Have you come across anything interesting and bookish? Then comment below and leave the link for where you found it. I'll most definitely check it out and I'm sure some of the other readers will too. :-)

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