Friday, 20 June 2014

Out & About ~ Mr Baker

As a Brazilian who has been living away from her homeland for a good 15 years, I know what it feels like to crave the food you love. Trust me, sometimes I can even smell it!! This is for the expats living in Brazil and for anyone in Brazil wanting to try something new.

Mr Baker is the jazzy combination of a Brazilian/English pair. Set to be an organic café that makes everything from scratch, this is the spot in São Paulo where you might be able to find some British goodies, such as Cumberland sausages and English tea. My guess is that it could not escape the owner's husband's English influence. He probably missed his food!! So if you are an English expat in São Paulo and you have been missing English yummies, head to Mr Baker.

Mostly organic, they bake a good and exotic selection of fresh artisan breads everyday. Not only that, but the food is cooked behind a glass panel, so you can see it being done, and all the juices are made from real fruit right in front of you if you want to watch it. You don't get much fresher than that!! The last time I was there, I had a steak sandwich with fresh orange and passion fruit juice that was just sublime. The steak was a good tender cut, soft and juicy. It makes me hungry just thinking about it and I can honestly tell you I was short of eating the plate!

If you enjoy trying weird and wonderful things, check their juice selection. They do have some wonderful, if not ever so slightly strange, combinations. You can also request to make your own concoction if they have the ingredients available.

Having said all these wonderful things, Mr Baker is more a deli than a restaurant. So be prepared to sit on bar stools rather than tables and to be in a smallish environment. While the people there are super nice, this is no a la carte restaurant, so you will not receive table service like if you were in one. You must also be prepared to wait. Over lunchtime, this is a busy spot for the locals, so if you are in a rush or want to have more space around you while you eat, avoid rush-hour or take the goodies away with you.

Brazilians are ultra child friendly, so bring the petites. They will also adapt and change anything in the menu for you and they might even create something especially for you, albeit I'm guessing this depends on how busy they are and availability of ingredients. They did so for my daughter, who walked in wanting something very specific and not really on their menu.

All in one, a fantastic place to grab a bite. They are open from 7am, so you can have breakfast, and stay open until 11pm, just in case you have the munchies later on. It's not expensive, but it's ultra healthy and fresh, so eat your heart out!

Bom apetite, Brazilian style. :)

Ambient: *****
Price: ££
Food: *****
Children: Yes
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Mr Baker Superfoods
Rua Pedroso Alvarenga, 655
Itaim Bibi, São Paulo, Brazil
Tel: (00-55-11) 3078-0045

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