Friday, 13 June 2014

Bookish Nerd Facts {1} - The Making and Smell of Paper Books

I always talk about the book-lovers' obsession with good writing, paper books and the smell of them, and how to proudly display your book love in your house and on your person, but there are some very interesting facts on the actual making of them, which book-lovers some times are blissfully unaware of or just never think about. Here are some bookish nerd facts I learned this week.

We love paper books, but have you ever stopped to think about their design? Well... Any ignorance on the matter is about to be squashed. Designers Insights published an interesting image of the anatomy of a hardcover and, being a nerd, I found this quite interesting, as I had never stopped to think about it.

Did you know there are different types of binding processes by which book pages are put together? No? Neither did I. The Discovery Channel helped me with that one. Here is How It's Made for you.

Have you ever wondered why old paper books have such a peculiar smell? Did you know they can actually smell different depending on how they are made? I love the smell of old books, but I didn't even know they could vary!! Penguin Books UK helped to clarify this with the infographic below.  

So there you go. You are no longer unaware of the art of making books and why they smell so good!!! :)

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