Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Bookshelves - A Book Lover's Interior Design Story {1}

Now that I am moving house my ever growing pile of books (which was already driving my other half nuts) needs a new home. So I went looking for the perfect solution and here is what I came across: 

Invisible Shelves (link)
They make it look like your books are magically levitating. The problem is... Unless you have lots of them in a really big wall, you won't be able to put a lot of your books away. Nevertheless, they look amazing! And provide an stunning effect to a wall if you need to make it a feature. I reckon it would look quite good above my desk. 

The Tree of Knowledge
Check this fab design by Italian designer Matteo Casarosa. It's really built for a child's bedroom, but isn't it gorgeous?

Broken Bookshelf
Wait until your friends are drunk then take them into a room with these. Sure to generate some entertainment. Sorry, I am just being mean. But how cool are they? You would definitely double take if you didn't know, wouldn't you? You would also need a descent wall size for the full effect, though.

The Bibliochaise (link)
Why not kill two birds with one stone by having your shelves inbuilt into the furniture? And how good does this look? Clever.I would imagine it takes some space, though.

In the Cubbyhole
Short of space? Why not have you bookshelf inside a cupboard? The addition of these steps allows you to use  the space up to the ceiling no matter how high it is. It's also put away

The Cardboard Bookcase
Who said to be green you have to be boring? Try this for size. Designed by Eric Guiomar, this book shelf is made of cardboard and it looks the business, although, I would assume that weight might be a problem.

For more out-of-this-world bookshelves check this website. Unfortunately for me, because I have far too many books and I am not that cool, I had to go with the straight forward functional design we all know well. At least all my babies have a new home. It's aaaaall good. ^_^


  1. These look great girl. I have seen a few before but not the broken book shelf that is def a very cool way to have art and books. Thanks for sharing :) I personally want a room wall to wall of books and a fire place and comfy seats and great lighting think library in the Beauty and the Beast that is my dream lol :)

  2. That sounds gorgeous! It's just missing a glass of Sherry. :-)

  3. How about doing bookends next? hint!! Katy.x


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