Monday, 22 October 2012

Music Mondays - Translation of Alento by Luisa Maita

I've been a really bag blogger. *smacks own hand* Sorry guys! I promise I'll do better this week. *puppy eyes*

If you follow me on Twitter (follow here) you will have picked up on the fact that I'm currently visiting home - Brazil. And this week I have some amazing things lined up for you so I can share the heat to all my fellow British citizens missing it as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. Winter definitely trying to get her claws on our bones. 

Luisa Maita is a Brazilian singer songwriter who has featured on Music Mondays before (see it here). Since I'm in her city, her song is about living here and her video is full of footage from Sao Paulo, I thought it would be a good one to start this week. 

I love her sexy vibe and sound mix with a still very Brazilian beat. I hope you like it too! 

Have an amazing week and stay tuned for the Brazilian inspired few days I have lined up for you. 


by Luisa Maita

Acordo cedo / I wake up early
Com pé no freio / My foot is on the break
E o mundo inteiro começa a girar / And the whole world starts turning.

No banheiro / In the bathroom
Olho no espelho / Look in the mirror

Crio coragem e ponho pra andar / Pull it together and get going

Carteira, chave no bolso / Wallet, keys in my pocket
Tá carregando o meu celular / My phone is charging
Acredita, / Believe it
Ninguém apita, / Nobody blows the whistle
Quem vai querer hoje me segurar? / Bring it on if you want to hold me back
É, / Yeah

Eu tô na vida é pra virar, / I'm here to make it happen

Que a felicidade vem, / Bring it on happiness

Eu tô sonhando mais além / I'm aiming higher

Não, / No
Nem vem aqui me atazanar / Don't come bother me

Se eu tô rindo é pra você / If I'm smiling it's for you

Olha pro céu meu bem / Aim for the sky honey
É, / Yeah

Eu não fui feita pra fingir / I'm not built to fake it

Eu tô ligada é no amor / It's love that makes me tick

Que se tem pra viver / Love for life

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