Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Book-Turned-Movie {5} - Skyfall, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Liberal Arts, Sinister, Shakespeare's Globe on Screen, On The Road, Private Peaceful

Books and writing are truly in vogue. This month it seems that the rule of thumb was - if the movie isn't based on a book, the main character had to be a writer. So the pickings are rich my friends.

3rd Oct ~ saw the debut of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which is not only based on a book by the same name, but was also directed by its author - American writer Stephen Chbosky. And just for a good measure of bookish, Harry Potter's Emma Watson is in it. 

5th Oct ~ was the release of Liberal Arts. While this film has no book connections, it's about two people brought together by their love of literature, despite their massive age gap. An unlikely, complicated and sweet romance. Unfortunately, it was only released in key cities and the closest cinemas screening it near Lancashire are at the Didsbury and Sheffield Cineworld Cinemas and Sheffield Showroom. For more information regarding locations visit the film's Facebook page here.

 5th Oct ~ Sinister is another film without a book connection, but it's about a true-crime writer who discovers some old film footage in his attic. Unfortunately for him, the films unleash more than just pictures. Curiosity here might literally kill the cat. And because it's Halloween at the end of this month, it just had to make it to the list. This is a certificate 15 movie.

10th Oct ~ today is the second screening of Globe on Screen, when the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre will be showcasing on big screens around the world some of its amazing Shakespearian plays live from stage. Tonight is the screening of Much Ado About Nothing, and on the 24th will be Doctor Faustus' turn. If that doesn't make you want to experience the Globe in person, I don't know what will. Simply a must for Shakespeare lovers or playwrights.

12th Oct ~ On The Road is the film adaptation to Jack Kerouac's cult classic by the same name. It's not only based on a book, but it's also a story about an aspiring writer, Sal Paradise, who embarks on a road trip with friends. However, that's not what I found interesting about this film. On The Road was directed by Brazilian Director Walter Salles and it's a collaboration project in between Brazil, France, UK and the US. Unfortunately, it will only release in key cities and the nearest screenings to Lancashire are at the Odeon Manchester, Leeds The Light, and the Vue in York. If all this wasn't enough to convince you, just for bookish good measure, Twilight's Kristen Stewart is in it. This is a certificate 15 film.

12th Oct ~ also sees the release of Private Peaceful, the film adaptation to Michael Morpurgo's novel by the same name. Like his other book, War House, Private Peaceful was fist adapted for stage, but it's now on the big screen as well. Again, it will only be released in key cities so the nearest screenings to Lancashire will be at the City Screen Picture House in York and the Stoke Film Theatre in Stoke-on-Trent. For more information on locations visit the film's website here and click through 'Cinema Listings and Press'. 

12th Oct ~ Radioman is not based on a book; it's not about literature or a writer; in fact, it's not remotely connected to books. But it sounds so interesting, I've added it to the list as an extra. It's basically a documentary about a New York homeless guy who is famous for doing cameos in over a hundred movies. The funny thing? All the big celebs know exactly who he is! It'll only be released in key cities and the only screenings I could find were the ones at the Prince Charles Cinema in London.  For more information visit the film's website here. Certificate 15.

12th Oct ~ Ruby Sparks is not a film adaptation. However, it tells the story of a writer whose dream character comes to life in reality and becomes the love of his life. Ask any writer and they'll tell you that characters have a life of their own. Is this pushing the boat a little too far? Maybe. I guess there is just one way to find out. Certificate 15.

26th Oct ~ is the much anticipated debut of Skyfall. "Bond, James Bond." Need I say more?

Watched any of the films above? Liked it, disliked it? Tell us about it on the comment box below! 

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