Sunday, 9 September 2012

Out & About - The Hodder Valley Show

Hodder Valley Show 2012
Blessed by a gorgeous hot day in what is officially the rainiest county in the UK (yes folks, it's official!), this year's Hodder Valley Show took place yesterday. 

Now, anyone will tell I'm a 'city girl'. In fact, I'm a living proof that you can take the girl out of the city, but you can not take the city out of the girl. Having said that, there are a few things I love about living in the country: fresh air, space, the amazing panoramic views, community spirit, the pride people take in their houses and gardens, lower cost of living, and a slower (but definitely NOT duller) life style. Don't let the sheep's daft gaze fool you. Country folk know how to party. And they'll do it in a tent in a cold rainy day. 

The Hodder Valley Show, and the Whittington Races (read my article about it here), are my favourite country events. They are family friendly, unpretentious, uncomplicated, very well organized and great fun.
Heavy Horses at Hodder Valley Show 2012
It's big enough for you to have plenty to look at, but small enough that older kids feel safe walking around in groups without parental supervision. And the sites, be it in Dunsop Bridge, Newton-in-Bowland or in Slaidburn - like it was this year, are surrounded by gorgeous views. If it happens to be a hot sunny day like yesterday, then you're most definitely in for a winner. 

While the Hodder Valley Show is a lot of fun, it also means business. You can expect everything you would see in a traditional agricultural and horticultural show - gun dog, sheep shearing and vintage tractors displays; best breeder, grower, vegetable, traditional cooking and quilting competitions. As well as many others events including pet parade and egg catching for children. Proper ones. No wooden eggs here. 

Needless to say, bring a spare set of clothes for the little ones and two pairs of shoes - wellies and walking shoes - in case the ground is a little wet. 

Tea Cosy Design Competition
As if looking at all the different animals and the fun fair corner wasn't enough to keep the kids entertained, if you want to be really organized, check the show's website to find out how to get involved in any of the competitions and what categories will be available for what age group. Honestly, their creativity amazes me! This year they had as categories tea cosy design, edible necklace, mustard and cress grown in an unusual container, and miniature garden! 

And when you had enough of looking at animals or if you don't want to take part in the competitions, you could do what I do - sample the delicious grub from the food stands, shop in the trade and craft tent (for husband's despair) and have a petite drink in the beer tent. It's an all-round winner. And you can even bring the dog!! Everybody is happy.

Now all that is left to do is wait to join the fun next year! For more information visit the show's website:

Ambient: *****
Food: ****
Price: £££
Children: Most definitely! And dogs too.
To check the rating system click here

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