Thursday, 6 September 2012

Book-Turned-Movie {4} - Lawless, House at the End of the Street, Anna Karenina, Dredd, Killing Them Softly, Savages, The Intouchables

September sees the release of a new batch of books-turned-movies. This is when you can watch the big screen and still feel like you're doing something close to reading!

And this month the pickings are rich! We have it all - crime, romance, thrillers, horror, gangsters and comedy... There is just one thing to do: choose your poison.

Anna Karenina is the film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's novel by the same name. Big dresses, dramatic scenery in a snow covered 19th Century Russia, lavish aristocratic balls, and a life-changing love affair. How can any romance lover resist? Out September 7th.

Also out on the 7th is Dredd - the British adaptation of 2000AD comic strip Judge Dredd. Set in a dystopian world of doom and gloom Dredd is a police officer with the power to judge and execute anyone. There is a new drug lord in the slums and he will have to fight his way through 200 floors of hostile residents to judge her. Yes, the villain is a woman. And just for that I'll watch this film. Since this is a sci-fi 3D movie involving drugs, action, explosions and fight scenes, I can see it being a big hit with the boys. Well... The big ones anyway. Dredd is a certificate 18 film.

Another highly anticipated certificate 18 out on the 7th is Lawless - the adaptation of Matt Bondurant's novel The Wettest County in the World. For a moment there I thought he was talking about Lancashire, where I live. But no. It's not set in Lancashire, it's set in Virginia U.S. and I'm fairly sure that by saying the word 'gangster' some ears will prick up. (Big) Boys! This is another one you'll like.

Due for release on the 14th and although it doesn't have a book connection, Hope Springs had to be on my list for this month as it's a light hearted comedy with some very sour truths to it. For anyone who has been married or in a relationship for a long time, some notes might sound very familiar. So why not laugh about it? I also thought we needed some laughs on this romance, action and suspense packed list.

Now... Horror thriller House at the End of the Street, due for release on September 21st, is not really a film adaptation. It's a 'book adaptation' or 'movie novelization' (sorry! Completely incorrect, but I was dying to say that) - a movie with a tie-in novel. With Hunger Games starlet Jennifer Lawrence on board, the trailer alone makes me hide under the covers. Certificate 15.

Also releasing on the 21st is Hysteria. Although not a film adaptation, again it just had to be added to the list. Why? Because... A) It's a British romantic comedy - I'm... half British[ish] and love romantic comedies. B) It's about the fact that in the 19th Century doctors explained away all of our female perils by diagnosing it as "Female Hysteria" - if you read the symptoms, especially the part about being a trouble maker, you will see I'm a sufferer. C) Apart from it all, it's about how the medical management of Hysteria led to the invention of the vibrator. I'm giggling already!!! This is a certificate 15 film, but I can envision a girlie night including a bottle of wine, a meal and a funny film. Unfortunately though, it's only being released in key cities. However (and this is where you my sisters sing hallelujah) you can buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray already!

Killing Them Softly is another blockbuster releasing on the 21st, but this is a film adaptation to the crime fiction novel Cogan's Trade by George V. Higgins. And the cast list includes no other than Brad Pitt. Since this is a certificate 18, I'm expecting some gore.

Base on Don Winslow's book by the same name and also releasing on September 21st is certificate 15 crime thriller Savages. And this one, I really want to watch.

If I must ask you to watch one foreign film this month, let it be French film The Intouchables. It releases on September 21st, it's based on the book You Changed my Life by Abdel Sellou and it has since been branded the second most successful French film of all times. It's heart-warming drama with a big pinch of comedy.

So, did anything whet your appetite for some popcorn?  

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