Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Poetic Images {2} - An English Love Affair

'Daily Dose' is a feature of Good Golly Miss Holly from amazing Aussie blogger and aspiring photographer Holly. It's basically her way of sharing the fab images she comes across. Now... I know today is not Monday - the traditional day for 'Daily Dose' - but... What the heck? Why not?

See... I'm aware that quite a few of my readers are not British. So I thought maybe you might find English things as interesting as I do. These are not posh pictures. Just me snapping away at things I find interesting. What do you see? 

Airplane tracks...

A house built on mushrooms? *itches head, shrugs, and takes photo anyway* 

A little light...

Tea breaks and amazing fire places...


BE PART OF IT!!! \0/
* I would love to hear your comments.
* I will always reply so pop back to continue the 'convo'. :)

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