Sunday, 23 October 2011

Books in Fashion - Cath Kidston Book Boxes

Designer Cath Kidston has as part of her stitching collection this fab little book boxes. And how gorgeous are they?

Available in green (small size), pink and blue, costing £6 for the smaller box and £15 for the larger ones, they would make for amazing and clever bookish gifts. I personally would move the pins, treads, and buttons to my stitching box and keep these fab little boxes to save my collection of book markers, letters, blank cards, or whatever else I can fit in them. They would then snug beautifully into my bookshelf. A good job fashionably done. What do you think?

On a more rebellious note... I have been saying for awhile that books are back in vogue. Once again, it is attractive and sexy to have some brain. Nerds, bookworms, A-grade students, geeks, teacher's pets: It's our turn to dominate the world! *insert wicked laugh here*  ^_^

Am I the only one who just had visions of Brain from Pink & Brain (cartoon)?


  1. Lol you are awesome girl so loving these. I still need to get a book bag too. When you buy these does she have a website and are they only in euros?

    Im a nerd and am proud of it ;)

  2. We have some like these here but not nearly as cute :) Great find! Love CK!


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