Friday, 24 June 2011

Other Amazing Bloggers

While I was researching the idea of having a blog I came across some amazing bloggers. Together they are somewhat responsible for the birth of "PaulaSHx" and if you like my blog, you will love these guys.

Ginger is a lovely lady from Texas, U.S. (my Texan friend Justin will love this!). Her blog is lovely and full of books and other cool things including music and photography. I am seriously jealous she's currently reading "Forever" by Maggie Stiefvater!!! This book doesn't release to us mere mortals till July!!!

The Good Girl Gone Blog
Looove this one. Fashion, photography and more fashion. Alana has a fab and quirky sense of style and, like me, she is a naturally curvy girl. I just love her outfit page as well as the name of the blog. It's ace!

Tales of Whimsy
Juju is a serious book reviewer. This is a woman in the know. I love her Teaser Tuesdays and have picked up some interesting books through it.

Good Golly Miss Holly
If you love photography, you will love Holly's Daily Dose. Amazing pictures of things I wouldn't even think of photographing. Holly is also an Aussie book reviewer.

Cari's Book Blog
Another lovely Texan lady in the know, Cari works for a book store and is also a book reviewer. Hers is another super blog you cannot ignore if you're serious about reading.

If you speak Portuguese...

Babi Dewet
This ultra cool chick lives in Rio and will give you the inside scoop in anything worth knowing: books, shows, cool events. She's also the author of "Sabado a Noite" (Saturday Night - read my review in English here or my review in Portuguese here) and I cannot wait for the sequel!

Et Coentra
Rachel has her finger on the pulse of everything to know about Brazilian and International books on that side of the pond. So well worth keeping an eye on her.

All these ladies are seriously successful bloggers and I hope PaulaSHx achieves their level of success one day. Said blog is now officially 6 months old and the stats continue on growing, so I would like to say a heart felt thank you to all of you, my amazing readers who keep on coming back for more. Big, huge kisses and bear hugs to you all.

P. xx


  1. Oh you darling darling girl! I had no idea I helped inspire your beautiful corner of Blogland. Whoot! I am SO very very very honored. Thank you SO much for the fantastic shout out :) *hugs*

  2. Heh, I've eventually found where to make a comment ... good news for me as a non-blogger (but not for long I hope)!! Anyway thanks for sharing some of your favourite blogs - really interesting! I particularly like the 'The Good Girl Gone Blog' too - great to see a 'normal gal' sharing her fashion tips! Katy. x

  3. Que honra ver meu nome aí, Paula. Obrigado, achei muito lindo <3. Estou vendo os outros blogs, são todos ótimos! Adorei o The Good Girl Gone Blog, haha. beijos, :*


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