Monday, 14 July 2014

Music Monday ~ Youth by Ben Khan

While British musician Ben Khan is still a bit of a mystery, I'm in love with the sultry, dark and seductive sound of his music. I'm no music expert, but I'm a sucker for the mixture of deep base, catchy mixers and smooth vocals.

The video can be taken as a little out there, but I think it eludes to Youth Chav Culture in the UK. In case you are not familiar with the term, Chav is a British stereotype of working-class youth who, although not always connected to a group or gang, behave under a sort of 'gang mentality' - dressing the same, behaving the same and having pride in being feared by and offensive to others, sometimes engaging in illegal activities.

Ben Khan's Youth is slowly but surely becoming one of the tunes for this summer, I can imagine it being amazing at festivals, but don't stop just on this single, please also check the other tracks on Khan's 1992 EP. Absolute genius. The type of music you can dance along to even if you are alone in your kitchen, which I do quite often. My neighbours probably thing I'm having a fit or something. But who cares! Get those bones moving. All you have to do is close your eyes and let the waves take you. :)

Happy Monday! I hope you lot have an great week.

There were conflicting lyrics online, so this is my transcription. If you find any mistakes, please drop me a note in the comments box and I will rectify them.


by Ben Khan

My memories retain us
Well... their vibrations
From starlit visions
Oh, I'm foolish
I'm so foolish

Soul sensations
I'm bursting for patience
Fetish and bristles
Of thoughts in prison
To us ain't wisdom
You future's tainted
Dairling, let's escape it
We are so tasteless
But while we're healing
If you lose your feelings

Be aware of the youth, darling (2x)
Be aware of the youth.
Be aware of the youth, darling (2x)
Be aware of the youth.

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