Tuesday, 8 July 2014

BBC Radio Lancashire Interview with John Gillmore {3}

Once again I have invaded BBC Radio Lancashire for part of the afternoon to catch up with John Gillmore and talk about books, Brazil and the World Cup. It's all part of my World domination plan (insert evil laugh here). ;)
I don't know if it was because I was flustered (tyre problems are never a good way to start the day), but I seem to have been suffering from an inability to think straight and string coherent sentences together during my interview. Oh dear! *drops head in shame* This is when some music genius makes a rap of my repetitions (Oh Lord Jesus is a fire!). *_*
Anyhow, I had a great time over at BBC Lancashire, as always, and was invited to return, despite the fact Gilly had to remind me that I couldn't say the female character was "badass" on live radio. :) However, there are a few things I must apologise for and correct before you watch the little video I have made for you:
P.S. You will be happy to see a good improvement on my video making skills after my debut masterpiece a couple of weeks ago. (I'm sorry! I had to behave like an overly proud parent, as I think this is a lot better than the last one. But ok... Focus!)
1. Both Sao Paulo and Rio are hosts cities to the World Cup, ignore when I say it's just Rio.
2. The Negro River is 5 miles wide and 900 miles away from the sea. Not 900 meters away from the sea. Let's not mention that's not even a kilometre, which is under a mile!! Oh dear Lord... I don't think my two neurons were talking to each other. *_*
Anyway... Thanks Gilly and the guys over at BBC Radio Lancashire for inviting me yet again. It's always a pleasure!


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