Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bookshop of the Month ~ Livraria Cultura

Ok, granted. This amazing book shop is in São Paulo, Brazil, but since it's Brazilian Carnival time, I thought I was allowed to cheat a little bit. 

Livraria Cultura is still an amazing book shop, however you look at it. Built on what used to be Cine Astor (a cinema) in a shopping mall in Avenida Paulista - one of the main avenues in São Paulo - Livraria Cultura is the biggest book shop in Brazil and currently offers over four million titles in Portuguese and many other languages including English.

Its open plan setting spreads over three floors and includes a cafe and restaurant; numerous chill out zones; games, DVD and CD department; and a children's area where your little angel can relax and browse sitting on bin bags inside the belly of a dragon. My daughter throws a wobbler every time we have to leave. Hell! I throw a fit when we have to leave! So if you ever see a mad woman clawing the carpet while an English man drags her off by her legs... That will be me.

This book shop is simply mind blowing. I could stay in there all day quite happily. It's quite simply what I would describe as a bookworm heaven. They even publish their own magazine so you can keep up to date with all that is going on inside any of their stores. And if you think this is enough, well... Don't get me started on the events! Signings and author chats are the basic, but they also do music, art exhibitions, conferences and courses. I want to move my bed in there and live like a hermit. 

So if you are a bookworm and find yourself in São Paulo... You now know where to get your fix. 

OUT OF CURIOSITY: Livraria Cultura means 'Library of Culture' in Portuguese (in case you didn't guess it already!) and it was founded by Eva Henz in 1947 - go girl friend!  

Ambient: *****
Food: Yes
Stock: *****
Children: Yes
To check the rating system click here

Livraria Cultura 
Conjunto Nacional Shopping Mall
Av. Paulista, 2073,  Bela Vista 
São Paulo - SP - Brazil 
CEP: 01311-940 Tel: +55 11 3170 -4033 


  1. Oh yes this is what I've been talking about. Heaven! I could live there probably! :)

    Thank you really for this! :)


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