Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bookish Comic Strips

These comic strips are so cute, I just had to share them. Not to mention that, as a book lover or a writer, you might sympathise with some of them. :)

These two are definitely me. I love the smell of old books! In fact, did you know books can smell differently as they age, depending on the binding process they underwent during publication? No? Read more about it and other bookish nerd facts here.

Which book lover has not stayed awake until some ridiculous o'clock to finish a chapter or a book? And which bookworm has not hid in a secret corner somewhere in the library, under the duvet, in the garden, to read that all so important moment of the book when all the pieces of the puzzle come together and you finally get the whole picture? Yes, you know what I'm talking about. Don't talk to us when the world is about to fictionally end.

For the aspiring or published writers out there, this one says it all. It's that all too familiar feeling "it sounded funny/sexy/romantic/intriguing in my head." Good writing provokes a reaction. You laugh your head off; you gain some insight into your own nature; you feel inspired; you dream. You bawl your eyes out; you suffer as if it was you; you throw the book on the floor, you want to burn it with your anger; you even wish someone (a character) dead. Somehow, your very real and human partner just doesn't step up to the fictional love mark; that main character is your reserve wife/husband; oh, if he/she was real! Behind all those feelings there is a writing genius, someone that brought that book to life after many hours of labour. And at some point, they too would have been human and doubted their gift, like every other mortal. Hats off to them, not only for creating the world we love to travel to and in, but for persevering against their own mental blocks and blank spots. Knights in their literary armour. :)

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