Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tomorrow is World Book Night!

World Book Night (WBN) is about spreading the love for reading. The idea is to celebrate and encourage reading by giving books away and creating events to inspire current readers and, in particular, spark the curiosity of new ones.

Mostly, reading for pleasure is an individual and personal thing. However, there is a wide community of booklovers out here crazy to share their passion for reading. In blogs like this one, bookshops, book clubs and libraries you can chat, read about books, review and recommend them. World Book Night is the giant, even better, version of this. It annually celebrates books and reading with a massive shebang! :) So tomorrow night, the 23rd of April, several events are due to take place all over the UK and the US to celebrate reading and books. 

In the UK... If you are in Birmingham, you are in luck. The main flagship event will take place in the Library of Birmingham. London is also hosting flagship events as well as 13 other locations in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Wales. For more information about events click here.

If you are in the North West of England, like me, your closest flagship event will be at the Manchester Central Library, where music, readings and poetry will be served to you in a platter from 6pm. There are also events in Chorley, Southport and Oldham, but local bookshops and libraries do organise their own events for WBN, so keep an eye out for other, more local, events. You might need to buy tickets, so contact the venues directly. 

If you are in the US, check the World Book Night US event list here. There are events happening in several states! :)

A big part of World Book Night is to give hundreds of books away. Every year, a selection of titles is chosen and WBN editions printed. This year, 20 adult and young-adult titles were chosen varying from novels to short stories to suit all reading abilities. You can see the list of books and read about them here. The idea is to encourage people to take up reading or progress their current reading ability. So if you are already a reader, try one of the 400+ pages novels. If you are returning to reading after a long break or just want to try it, go for something shorter to start with. The Quick Reads collection is particularly ideal for this. You can read my review of previous Quick Reads books Bloody Valentine and Trouble on the Health by clicking the links.

How can you get your hands on a WBN book edition? Very good question. You can't, really. World Book Night works with partnering 'givers' and the idea is to distribute these books directly to people who wouldn't normally read or regularly read all over the country, so if you are already an avid reader, you won't have been spotted. But you can always buy a copy of the recommended books and support the amazing bookshops who have worked alongside WBN to make the campaign possible.

Regardless of getting a WBN book or not, tomorrow night is an exciting night in any booklover's calendar. So let's get busy and support this amazing event. :)

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