Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Days of Destruction Days of Revolt - the Graphic Novel telling us how Capitalism is destroying America

There is no dispute that books can be extremely thought provoking, and therefore they inspire change. This is exactly what Days of Destruction Days of Revolt is about. 

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges and cartoonist and American Book Award winner Joe Sacco teamed up to raise awareness for a pressing issue: the ever-growing pockets of severe poverty in the US. Places so on the edge of "living the dream" that you wonder if they have not fallen into the nightmare abyss all together. Now, apart from being a very worthy cause, there is another interesting aspect to it. How they deliver the message - in the form of a graphic novel.

I find it quite refreshing and somewhat rule breaking. Not only because they are talking about a subject of concern that demands a full awareness campaign, but also the fact they decided to do it in graphic novel format.  Yes, a graphic novel - something most literary snobs wouldn't even look at, and a style that is not taken as seriously as it should. Thankfully, that has been changing in the last few years.

For ever confused with its entertaining and colourful little brother - comic books, say graphic novel and most likely someone will shout superhero, Marvel or Manga. Not that these don't have their place, but because they're fiction to its most glorious extreme, one might not necessary take them as a serious art form. Yet there are some amazing graphic novels and comic books out there. You can read more about my favourites here

By all means! Don't take my word for it. I'm no graphic novel expert (as a matter of fact, I'm a newbie). Instead, watch this fab video and hear what Chris Hedges has to say about Days of Destruction Days of Revolt. Then go out and buy it. I am. It definitely deserves your attention.  


  1. I love manga's and comics and such. There great. Cool blog! New follower!


  2. Thanks,sweetie. Will check your up too. x


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