Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Out & About - Bodhi Tree Therapies

In the current climate things like massages and relaxing therapies are luxuries, right? 

I have never been into massages. Like most of the population, I always considered holistic therapies and things like a gym membership something of a treat - to only be done when I had time and money to waste. Here is where I must thank my husband for teaching me different (savour the moment, Hubby, I won't say it again ^_^). 

Here is the scenario: you work 40 hours a week or work your bum off at home; rush from one appointment and commitment to the next; stress over money, how much weight you put on, getting the kids to school on time, sorting out your house (which looks like a bomb site), the dog which ended up in the vet after swallowing all your socks, your best friend's divorce. The to-do-list keeps on getting bigger and bigger. You wake up early, go to bed late and, when you're not in the rat race, you are out with your friend having a silly night. There is no time to unwind and recalibrate in a healthy way. 

Like any machine, every so often the body needs a service. I have my body M.O.T. with Pippa, the magical hands behind Bodhi Tree. I know this might sound like I spoil myself rotten, but I honestly believe you can't seriously think straight or work to your best when you mind and body are cluttered. Pippa's therapies help me unwind and unblock my mind as well as my body. Not to mention that she can always sort all my back and shoulder aches and pains! I walk away calm, unhinged and ready to look at things with a pair of fresh eyes. And, according to my husband, I also walk away a lot lighter as, apparently, I shrink after I have a detox massage! ^_^ What else would a girl need???  

A little side note: go in open minded. Talk to Pippa, ask her advice. She knows her stuff and will suggest the best holistic therapy, even if you already have an idea of what you want to try. Also follow her advice as to what to do after your treatment. If she tells you to drink water, do. Sustaining the effect is just as important as having the treatment done in the first place. 

Instead of seeing it as a luxury, see it as an investment in yourself - time to reboot the machine and get it back to full power and speed. God knows that every so often we need that and no one will blame you for having a breather. The best thing is: Pippa is brilliant and she's not expensive. 

Have a go and tell me if it doesn't make you feel better. And if after all this you still need an excuse, tell everyone it's part of your "summer body plan". 

You can check the list of holistic therapies offered by Bodhi Tree by clicking here

Ambient: ****
Price: £££
Children: If the treatment is for you - No
But there are therapies children could try. 
To check the rating system click here.

Bodhi Tree Therapies
at Timeless Therapy House
59 King Street, Whalley, Lancashire BB7 9SP
Tel: 01254 824 726

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