Wednesday, 27 June 2012

New on My Kindle {2}

As I'm sure you have noticed, I'm running terribly behind on my reading. *smack hand* So I thought I'd give you a little heads up on the books I have awaiting review. 

To all the authors out there waiting for my review of their book, I'm really really sorry for the delay! I am getting on top of it, I promise. 

Something for children... Henrietta Sharp: The Lunch Box Files by Jan Welborn-Nichols is a cute little story about eating healthy and accepting who you are. 

"Twelve-year-old Henrietta Sharp is smart, funny and likes to read the dictionary. But all she really wants is to be normal, a normal size that is, like her fashion-minded best friend Taffeta Bloom. That’s life before a magic lunch box (LB) mysteriously appears and tells Henri that she is a Traveler, someone who can summon portals and travel the universe." (Goodreads)

For thriller lovers...The Heritage by Johnny Ray.

"This story is based in New York City where socialite Kristina learns she’s pregnant, but how? She couldn’t remember sleeping with anyone for a long time. Her only explanation—a date rape drug. And now, someone wants her to have an abortion or die before giving birth. Her bodyguard, Shawn Davis offers her the best chance in surviving and discovering the truth, but has his own deep secrets."

For oriental culture and action lovers... Dragon's Pupils #1: The Sword Guest by Martin Chu Shui

"Liz is born of half Australian and of half Chinese descent. Growing up in Australia, she isn't very interested in her father's ancient Chinese stories. She is concerned with problems that are far more contemporary such as environmental issues, and particularly her friend's handsome brother who is an environmental activist. But her disinterest in Chinese culture changes when her two worlds collide after a catastrophic accident sets thousands of ancient monsters loose near her home." (Goodreads)

And something to inspire you... Butterfly Tears - Stories of Entrapment & Empowerment

The real life story of 9 women who conquered their most inner darkness to rise to triumph.

As you can see, a varied collection so hopefully you should find something interesting. Watch this space! 

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